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TEL: +86 0317-7343606

SJA screw elevator

SJA screw elevator

Putter speed: up to 75 mm/s;

Input speed: 1800 rpm;

Travel range: up to 6.5 meters.

Product Details

The unique square groove housing of SJA spiral elevator increases the heat dissipation ability of the housing, extends the service life of lubricating grease, and so on. The selection of shell materials for ductile iron significantly improves the strength and performance of the shell, as well as its wide application at high/low temperatures. The square tail cover design controls the non rotation of the lead screw. Advanced processing equipment and assembly processes ensure high product quality. Advanced design concepts create products with strong impact resistance, high strength, low noise, long life, and small size.

Modular combination enriches product portfolio changes. The SJA spiral elevator can be directly combined with any combination of motors/gearmotors/special function accessories, with integrated design, providing customers with thousands of easy choices.

We can design non-standard products according to customer requirements, such as stainless steel shell and screw elevator, multi head screw, high temperature and low temperature resistant products.

Complete accessories: dust cover, reverse backlash design, safety nut, ball screw, limit switch, overload clutch, potentiometer, encoder, brake, handle, installation accessories, etc.

SJA Spiral Elevator Product Features:

The precision of standard products can reach 0.1 mm, and the precision of accessories with reverse backlash can reach 0.04 mm;

High mechanical synchronization accuracy and smooth operation;

Strong impact resistance;

Can provide double lead screws, three lead screws, ball screw screw elevators;

30% for 10 minute working hours;

S-type lead screw movement;

The principle of the S-type spiral elevator is that the worm drives the worm wheel to rotate, with an internal threaded hole mechanism (engaged with the lead screw) in the middle of the worm wheel, and then transmits the rotational motion to the linear motion of the lead screw up and down;

Lead screw movement R-type:

The principle of the R-type spiral elevator is that the worm drives the worm wheel to rotate, and the worm wheel is connected to the lead screw key, so the rotational motion is transmitted to the lead screw rotational motion. The lead screw drives the nut on the top to move up and down in a straight line;

Integrated motor combination:

Each type of spiral elevator can be directly connected to an AC motor/servo motor/stepper motor/explosion-proof motor through a flange coupling, but the power of the motor should not exceed the maximum allowable power of the spiral elevator. The standard configuration of the motor is: ABB motor, Siemens motor;

Integrated combination of speed reduction motor:

Each type of spiral elevator can be directly connected to various AC speed reduction motors through a flange coupling, but it is necessary to check the large input torque of the spiral elevator, and the low speed can reach 5 mm/min or less. The equipped reduction motor can be a helical gear reduction motor with a parallel output shaft.

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