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Precautions for selection and use of vertical reducer

Mar,08,2023 << Return list

1、 Precautions for selection:

Determine the reducer type: select the appropriate reducer type according to the working conditions and transmission power.

Select the correct transmission ratio: select the appropriate transmission ratio according to the transmission power and input speed.

Select the appropriate installation method: select the appropriate installation method according to the layout of the machine equipment and the space position of the transmission shaft.

Determine the output shaft position of the reducer: determine the output shaft position of the reducer according to the requirements of the machine and equipment.

Determine the working environment of the reducer: select the appropriate reducer model according to the temperature, humidity, vibration and other factors of the working environment.

2、 Precautions for use:

Operating specifications: When operating the reducer, it is necessary to operate according to the operating specifications in the product manual.

Fill lubricating oil: before use, fill lubricating oil according to the requirements in the product manual to keep the lubricating oil clean and sufficient.

Regular inspection: it is necessary to regularly check the wear of gear, bearing, oil seal and other parts of the reducer, and replace or repair them in time.

Avoid overload: In the process of using the reducer, it is necessary to avoid overload to avoid damage to the reducer.

Prevention of reverse rotation: When the reducer is working, it is necessary to prevent reverse rotation to avoid damage to the machine and equipment.

Treatment after shutdown: After the reducer is stopped, it is necessary to clean the dirt and twisted parts on the surface of the reducer and carry out lubrication maintenance.


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