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Analysis of current situation and development prospect of gear industry in 2022

Mar,08,2023 << Return list

Analysis of current situation and development prospect of gear industry in 2022.

Gear and its gear products are important basic parts of mechanical equipment. The main transmission components of most complete mechanical equipment are gear transmission. With the rapid development of the national economy, the total annual sales of the whole industry has exceeded 100 billion yuan, forming an industrial pattern of coexistence and common development of enterprises.

The country has implemented an active fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy, expanded domestic demand, vigorously strengthened infrastructure investment, and launched ten major industrial revitalization plans, including steel, ships, automobiles, non-ferrous metals and other industries related to the upstream and downstream of the manufacturing industry. At the same time, China is in a period of accelerated development of industrialization, marketization and urbanization, as well as a period of consumption expansion and structural upgrading, The equipment manufacturing industry will usher in a rare development opportunity and provide a huge market space for the development of gears.


China's power tool industry has been developing continuously in the process of undertaking the international division of labor transfer and has become the main production base of power tools in the world. Driven by the continuously rising household demand in the international market, electric tools have gradually shifted from the original production plants and construction industry to the field of people's livelihood. China has a huge population base. With the gradual improvement of the living standard of residents, the potential of the domestic market is also expected to be gradually tapped out and become a new growth point.

In recent years, the state has issued a series of policies to support the development of gears and other key basic components. The Plan for the Adjustment and Revitalization of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry proposes to adhere to the combination of the development of complete machines and the improvement of the basic supporting level, strive to achieve the autonomy of major technical equipment, drive the development of basic supporting products, and focus on the development of high-precision gear transmission as one of the main tasks of the industrial adjustment and revitalization.

The data shows that the total import and export of domestic gear products in 2020 is 30.051 billion yuan, including 11.653 billion yuan of import, 18.399 billion yuan of export and 6.746 billion yuan of trade surplus. On the whole, the total import and export volume of the domestic gear manufacturing industry has increased year by year, and the trade surplus has further expanded.

With the implementation of national energy conservation and emission reduction and green manufacturing industrial policies, the transformation and upgrading of gear enterprises is extremely important. In this process, high-quality enterprises with good product quality and environmental protection facilities will gain advantages, and backward gear manufacturing enterprises will be eliminated.

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